Wolfsburg is an artificial city, in the sense that it was established in the first half of the 20th century with a specific purpose in mind, namely, to house the workforce of the Volkswagen plant, then stocking Hitler’s war machine. Wolfsburg was conceived on the drawing board to a far greater extent than any other town or city nationwide.

Whilst at first glance it does have an almost alien appeal, it also means that the city has made space for a series of extraordinary buildings, such as the Hans Scharoun Theatre, the Art Museum and the phæno science centre designed by award-winning architect Zaha Hadid.

Wolfsburg's other major attraction is the Autostadt, the automotive exhibition complex and centre of excellence opened by Volkswagen AG in a 25-hectare space of parkland and lakes.

The Art Museum in Wolfsburg opened in 1994 and has hosted an impressive number of innovative exhibitions. All in all, Wolfsburg has transcended its somewhat dystopian history and is now considered a trailblazer of innovation and international cooperation.

Whilst Wolfsburg is still a very “young” city, it is nevertheless home to a number of beautiful historic sites, such as its famed 13th century castle, the cozy 15th century district of Fallersleben and several other local attractions.

More than anything, Wolfsburg is a place full of surprises, such as its love and support of the arts and the friendly nature of its community. The first thing you will notice about Wolfsburg is that you are made welcome and people are always open to new ideas and ready to lend a hand.

Culture Club

It’s not just a name, but a mission statement. Culture comes in all shapes, sizes and colours as well as displaying various levels of sophistication. But if we are to be moved by it, it needs to shock us out of our complacency. And that’s exactly what the crew around Oliver Fiedler at Culture Shocks have been doing for almost three decades, making sure that culture shocks. 2022 saw Cedar D. Wolf move her cedrwydd films into the building and the Underdog Film Festival 2023 marked their first tentative collaboration. Several smaller projects were realised and everyone shared a wish to not be reduced to existing labels, prompting the formation of a registered cultural society in 2024, aiming to continue existing projects as well as curating and creating new ones that will help shape the greater Wolfsburg region's cultural diversity.

  • Culture Shocks
  • cedrwydd films

  • And in 2024 the the faculty for automotive engineering at the Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences was kind enough to host our free film workshops as well as providing us with chairs for our own screening facilities at Culture Shocks.

  • Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences - Faculty for Automotive Engineering